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Chimayo, New Mexico

Perhaps the fact that Missy JJ started senior year of high school today made me long for the days when the children were young, often wrapped around our legs, often seeking our attention. So I sought succour in old albums and came across one from our Santa Fe trip to New Mexico in December of 2009.

We were four families that drove in snowy winter weather, with children ranging in age from 9 to 3. Relying on Garmin and our phones to stay in touch (no Whatsapp or Google Maps then to connect with or to command), we drove single file, always following each other. Through snow, through icy blizzards, through fair weather. Along the winding roads to Taos and back, we stayed single file.

We admired Santa Fe, its culture, its museums, its rich history. We experienced our first ski lessons at Taos and explored its Peublo. We played in the dunes at White Sands National Monument. And we rode the toy train at the Alamogordo depot. But more importantly, we had fun! It’s still one of the best trips with friends that we have taken.

As the children get ready to fly the nest, these photos and memories take on a new meaning, a life of their own. And one cannot do much, but to helplessly follow, to relish the moments we shared, to remember the laughter and the fears.

Join us on our nearly decade old trip to Santa Fe. The years may be long gone, but the city remains deep-rooted, in our hearts.

Love the adobe style of Santa Fe
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The Loretto Chapel
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The amazing staircase at Loretto Chapel, totally unsupported, except on its lowest stair
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400 year old San Miguel Chapel, the oldest church in the US
San Miguel Chapel
San Miguel Chapel
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El Sanctuario de Chimayo, en route to Taos
Rio Grande Gorge
Delightful dunes at the White Sands National Monument
White Sands National Monument
Great place to sandsled
Toy Train Depot at Alamogordo, a delight for train lovers
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Toy Train Depot, Alamogordo
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Toy Train Depot, Alamogordo

Here are the links to the places we visited on this trip:

Santa Fe Plaza, (not pictured)

Loretto Chapel, the story of how this amazing staircase came about is very interesting

San Miguel Chapel

Folk art museum (not pictured)

El Sanctuario de Chimayo

Angelfire Resort,Taos, for skiing (not pictured)

Taos Pueblo, (not pictured)

White Sands National Monument

Toy Train Depot, Alomogordo