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Bitten by the travel bug

In November 2015, the JJ family visited Japan for Thanksgiving Break. Japan’s a beautiful country with one of the most efficient railway systems. As part of our travels, we took a day trip from Tokyo, to Kamakura where sits the second largest Buddha statue in all of Japan. The Kamakura Daibutsu is about 44 feet tall and weighs about 120 tons. Made of bronze and originally cast in 1252, the statue was housed inside a large temple hall for several years before these structures were destroyed by tidal waves and typhoons. Since 1495, the Buddha sits exposed to all natural elements. For a small fee, the interior of the Buddha statue can be accessed. Kamakura also boasts the beautiful Hasadera Kannon temple situated a short distance away.

Here are some picture postcards shared from that day.

Japan 224

Entrance to Kotoku-in Temple, Kamakura

Kamakura Daibutsu, the Great Buddha of Kamakura

Great Buddha of Kamakura


Close up of the Buddha


Perfect symmetry, the Great Buddha at Kamakura


The Great Buddha, as seen from behind

Japan 220

Dorayaki sweets from local shop in Kamakura, we tested different flavors and they were all heavenly. No address needed, the aroma of the dessert was enough of a calling card.

Japan 223

Iconic Hato Sabure store, Kamakura

Japan 243

The dove shaped cookies from this store are famous and a shopper magnet. These cookies are variably considered shortbread and butter cookies but in reality somewhere between the two.

Japan 246

Slice of life, Kamakura

Japan 247

Grocery store, Kamakura. Japan was a tough place to find vegetarian food as dried fish flakes abound in most foods. Kamakura had no shortage of colorful vegetables

Japan 256

View from the Hasadera Kannon temple, Kamakura. Beautiful fall colors added to the location and serenity of this temple

Japan 258

Hasadera Kannon Temple, Kamakura

Japan 278

Hasadera Kannon temple, Kamakura

Japan 271

Rinzo, octagonal rotating book stacks, Hasadera Kannon temple

Japan 272

Mani-Guruma, prayer wheels, Hasadera Kannon temple

Japan 249

We may have missed the cherry blossoms but the fall colors did not disappoint. Vibrant and picturesque, they made us stop and admire the landscape, again and again!



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