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Lisbon Beauty

The last day of our trip was a beautiful summer morning in Lisbon. People were out and about, off to work or school or where ever it is that people go to on a Tuesday morning. After an abbreviated breakfast at the guest house, we took a hired taxi to the airport and checked in. Security procedures were a breeze and soon we were ready to board. I was excited to be flying TAP Portugal to Miami.

The flight back home while comfortably passed, was a bit disappointing The plane we flew was an old one and had no personal monitors for inflight entertainment. It lacked even a power outlet at its baseline. I was glad we hadn’t shelled out a ton of money or miles to fly business on that particular leg.

We landed in Miami around 1 pm local time and breezed through immigration with Global Entry. Once we had claimed our baggage, Mr. JJ booked an Uber cab and we made the trip to Fort Lauderdale airport. We had a 7 pm flight from FLL to DFW, booked that way to ensure we had adequate time to get from one airport to the next.

By 4 pm, we were bored and eager to finish the last leg home. So we walked up to the AA check-in counter at FLL and talked to the gentleman at the desk, asking if he could fit us  all on an earlier flight. He checked once and then again and said he would be able to do it! We were excited to be able to get home atleast a couple of hours earlier. But once he actually started rebooking our flights, he came across some system difficulties. It took over 30 minutes and a lot of patience on his part to get our tickets sorted out. But he persevered and was able to deliver. Woo whoo! New tickets in hand, we rushed through security and made our way to the gate. Well in time for boarding.

As we were riding the taxi home that evening, my heart swelled with gratitude for all the men and women that had made our trip a spectacular one. Right from day one, we came across wonderful people, who went above and beyond the call of duty. It may have been all in a day’s work for them, but without their efforts, patience and willingness, this trip just would not have been possible for us! Makis made our stay in Greece a very memorable one. But these folks enabled us to get there and back safe and even a tad bit early! That’s what I call icing on the cake!!


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