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Bitten by the travel bug

Last weekend, Sonny JJ and I had an opportunity to travel to Cleveland for a music festival. We had a hotel in the downtown area off East 9th street. The entire weekend was spent traveling between the hotel and the auditorium at Cleveland State University.


The Rotunda at Heinen’s


Beauty and elegance preserved at Heinen’s

I lived in Cleveland several years ago and it was wonderful to return to that city, although I didn’t have the time to visit my Shaker Heights neighborhood. But what I did not miss was the beauty of the buildings around me. Somehow, I don’t remember previously stopping to admire the architecture. But this time I had a couple of hours, one day, to reconnect with a few downtown streets. And am happy to report that Cleveland has kept the older buildings with their decorative designs and period elements intact. It taught me the power of revisiting a place, when time and age (mine, in this case) can cast the same setting in an entirely different light.

Here are some of the photos captured from that visit. Hope you enjoy a very tiny slice of Cleveland.


St. John’s Cathedral


St. John’s Cathedral


St. John’s Cathedral


Various decorative elements 


Architectural elements on display


Greek style columns


Gilded entrance


Scintillating silhouettes


Timeless charm


World’s largest outdoor chandelier


Thought provoking mural on side of the hotel

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  1. Anu Yerra says:

    Nicely written. Shows how our perspective towards the same things changes with time .

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