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Bitten by the travel bug


A long-awaited trip has ended. And Seattle didn’t disappoint. With two perfect days of sun, a special occurrence in a city known for being the cloudiest most days of the year, Seattle shone in all its natural resplendence. My eyes were drawn time and again to the shades of green that surrounded us, like a soothing cocoon, everywhere we went. The freshly bursting leaves in a bright green, the darker shades of the evergreens, the green of the grass on the ground, all blended to create an alluring scenery. This was rivaled only by the vibrancy of the flower colors, beauties in magenta, white, pink, red, yellow, purple, lilac and more. Seattle’s flora is reviving and riveting! Like a bee drawn to nectar, one cannot help but admire and absorb the splendor of the birthing spring.

A sunny day, a brisk chill in the air, glass and stainless steel skyscrapers glinting in the sunlight, the aroma of good coffee and the soothing array of nature’s colors on display.

A piece of heaven on Earth!


2 thoughts on “Flower power in Seattle

  1. Anu Yerra says:

    Nicely written and pretty flowers !

    1. jjotter1 says:

      Thank you! Seattle’s natural beauty is a balm to sore eyes.

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