Journey Jotters

Bitten by the travel bug

Sunflowers are fascinating! They remind me of the beauty of summer, the joy of living, and naturally pleasing color palettes, yellow petals, green leaves and brown centers under a blue sky!! For years now, I have watched them grow wild, along edges of new shopping complexes, sports fields, and acre lots waiting to be sold. I have wanted to stop and spend some time enjoying their beauty and photographing them. But I was always in a hurry to be somewhere!

Now with COVID, the pace of life has slowed down perceptibly. As I drove past a sports field yesterday (Saturday) morning, with wide-open spaces, a few cars, and sunflowers growing in abandon, I made a quick decision to turn into the parking lot. It was time to explore these spirited flowers.

The vivacious colors, their heliotropism, the way they sway in the breeze, what joy they bring! The sun was starting to beat down, but the open fields meant adequate cooling breeze. The grass was wet in some places, as I stood by admiring their handsomeness! There they were, tall and proud, among the wildflowers, bold as brass, beckoning any who should lay eyes on them! Although they only had eyes for that punishing sun, high above, in a cloudless sky!! There were small ones, big ones, fresh ones, dried ones, some facing me and others turned away! A memorable splash of color in the mundane grind of COVID-life!!

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