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This post is the next in our series, Hidden Gems, where we visit places hidden in plain view, in and around Dallas, that we have explored this summer and in the past. You can access that series of posts here.

Frisco Commons Park is hugely popular with most locals. For as long as I can remember, even while we lived in Plano, we would drive over to Frisco Commons to enjoy a picnic and let the kids have a fun afternoon or evening.

walkpath leading up to a central pavilion
Central Pavilion at Frisco Commons Park

The massive central pavilion creates a sense of vastness. Beyond this pavilion lies the Veteran’s Memorial, a place of remembrance and solemnity. The seals of various US armed forces are displayed here. A few benches are arrayed around a central granite globe with the world map engraved on it. This is a water feature although currently not active. A short distance away are steps leading up to a memorial deck with a ceremonial urn honoring Frisco war veterans from WWI to Desert Storm. On the outer perimeter of the Memorial is the Walk of Honor, with bricks bearing the names of those who served.

entrance to veterans memorial at Frisco Commons Park
Veterans Memorial at Frisco Commons Park
ceremonial urn at veterans memorial
Ceremonial Urn at the Veterans Memorial

Beyond and to the sides of the Memorial are wide open green spaces, and to the far north lies a pond with a central fountain. And beyond lies a grove with a system of trails. Although we had visited the Park several times, we had never walked the trail until last week. Just over 2 miles long, the trail is well paved and easy to hike. In fact, we kept seeing the same set of people as they walked the trail multiple times. Suitable for kids and pets. There are two short interpretive trails in between. Display boards commemorate local war veterans from various wars.

greenery surrounding walking trail
Trails at Frisco Commons Park
Commemorative display along the trail

Away from the grove area, the trail opens up to the elements, where display cases detailed several aspects of Frisco’s storied past. We learned about Curtsinger’s Drug Store, and Dr. Erwin Pink the team doctor for the Frisco High School football games, and Dr. Saye, who practiced medicine in Frisco for 40 years.

informational display board
Learn a bit of Frisco history

For young families, there are large playgrounds made of wooden structures and rubber flooring to protect children of all ages as they run around. The playgrounds were starting to fill up as we finished our trail walk. There is also a spray park, which is perfect for summer days. The rest of the Park has two smaller pavilions, BBQ grills, an amphitheater, and picnic tables.

Have you walked the trails of Frisco Commons Park? If not, give it a go!!

Frisco Commons Park is located at 8000 McKinney Road, Frisco, TX 75034. It is open from thirty minutes before sunrise to thirty minutes after sunset.

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