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Bitten by the travel bug

In my earlier post, I detailed our weekend experience in a Getaway cabin. I wished to share my final thoughts in a separate post. The essence of a Getaway cabin is to connect with nature and detach from technology, allowing for relaxation. Social distancing in nature and a chance to reconnect with each other without distractions were tempting propositions.

View from our cabin doorstep
View from the fire pit

Having experienced the cabin for ourselves, we have mixed feelings about the getaway for the following reasons. Two adults sharing space with two teenagers in any room can be challenging, but accomplishing that in a 150 sq ft cabin is a daunting task. The lofted bed made the cabin space appear smaller than the single bed cabin photos I’ve seen. In addition, the timing of our visit over a rainy weekend meant we were stuck indoors for several hours. And while we managed not to kill each other, the day felt very long and made us irritable at times.

We enjoy camping trips with our friends. And a big part of such trips is putting up tents next to each other. Getaway states they can try to accommodate up to three families next to each other. But it would be different from a usual camping trip simply because of the distance separating the cabins.

I was impressed with the efficiency of the cabin. It had everything we needed and nothing that we did not. The toilet and showers were clean, and the water pressure and temperature were perfect. We did not mind spreading out our shower times. While we were given a cellphone lockbox is included, there was sufficient service to use ours if we so chose.

Speaking for myself, I can foresee making other Getaway cabin trips. The concepts appeal to me, and sometimes our lives get so busy that we need such a getaway. The location of the Outposts and the 2-hour driving distance are tremendous benefits. Mr. JJ and the kids felt that a two-person cabin would have been a better choice to allow more space for each of us. And choosing a time when the weather cooperates with outdoor activities is imperative.

If you have never been to a getaway cabin, give one a try. If you choose the Piney Woods Outpost, I recommend using this page as a guide for exploring the local area. And if you’ve been to a Getaway cabin, share your thoughts about your experience.

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