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Breaking from tradition, this spring break, we stayed home, thanks to the Zika Virus. My carefully orchestrated plans to visit Aruba and Panama were shattered mercilessly by the Zika onslaught.

It was then that I came across the safari trip and overnight lodging at Fossil Rim in Glen Rose. We had visited Fossil Rim several years ago when Missy JJ was still a toddler but not returned since. Sonny JJ loves nature and animals and used to be a huge fan of Wild Kratts. This overnight lodging and safari seemed to be a perfect fit for him and a quick trip for us. Of course, Missy JJ needed some convincing but she came through, eventually.

Fossil Rim is about 1.5 hours from our home in Dallas, so we could get off work and easily make the trip. The Lodge is described as rustic bed and breakfast and boasts five rooms in all, two on the first floor, two on the main floor and a single one on the topmost floor. There are Safari cabins also available in an area closer to the watering hole, about a half mile deeper into the Wildlife Center. Each cabin is fitted with a twin bed and a bath and central AC/heat and can house only two people. There are bunkhouses with central heat and air and little else, but work well for large groups wanting shelter for the night and prepared to get their own sleeping bags and toiletries. Talk about going bare basics!!

I was initially thrilled with the idea of staying in the cabins near the watering hole. What a unique opportunity to see animals out at night, in their own setting!! But when I heard that’d mean two cabins each at a cost of $225 before tax, I settled for booking a room at the Lodge. All rooms were booked except the Attwater Room at $225 before tax for double occupancy. I paid $15 extra for each child per night. The cost included breakfast for all at the Guest Pavilion and a drive thru pass for use during regular business hours.

The Morning Safari Guided Tour was an additional cost of $52 pp. The tour starts at the Guest Pavilion after breakfast at 8:30 am. The tour is conducted in safari style vehicles with open viewing along both sides. This means that in the wrong weather one would have to contend with the elements of nature. So, dressing appropriately for the trip helps. We were allowed to bring camera, binoculars, water bottles, but no foods/snacks or candy and no beverages except water. The tour was expected to last about 3-4 hours.

I had made reservations about ten days ahead of our stay but as we approached the date it became apparent that the weather would not cooperate. We were heading into rain on the morning of our drive into Glen Rose. I tried emailing The Lodge but did not get an answer. Eventually, I talked to the staff and was told that I would lose the entire amount if I failed to show up as all cancellations within 24 hours were subject to this policy.

Mr. JJ and I decided to watch and wait. The weather cleared as the day progressed with spells of rain. Eventually, we decided to head out and give the safari a whirl!

Join me tomorrow for a rundown of our stay at the Lodge and the Safari Tour.

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