Journey Jotters

Bitten by the travel bug

The drive to Glen Rose was uneventful. In fact, we were pleasantly surprised by the Chisholm Trail Parkway en route to Glen Rose. Recently constructed, the Parkway was smooth and traffic was streamlined making it easier to travel to Fossil Rim.

The entrance to The Lodge is separate from the entrance to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center and is situated further ahead on Hwy 67. The approach on CR 2010 was narrow and since it was nearly dark by the time we got there, we had to strain our eyes to catch sight of the building. We did, eventually, find it and used the gate code to enter the facility. Driving up to the parking lot, our attention was immediately captured by the deer and addax that were grazing nearby. It was, by then, too dark to capture them on camera but we spent a few minutes enjoying the scene.

We were suddenly hailed by a gentleman walking out to the lot. He introduced himself and stated that he was a guest there for the night just like us. He and his family had arrived a little before us to find the main door open and the Lodge empty. They had found keys to their rooms and were making themselves at home. We were grateful for this bit of info, since it would have been strange to walk into a large, quiet, unknown home.

The gentleman and his friend occupied the two rooms on the lower part of the house that opened onto the deck.  The front door led into a hallway with a bench and a huge stuffed monkey. The walls were stone tiled and the end of the hallway was mirrored making the whole space more open and roomy. Off the hallway, on the left, was a room for the staff but the door was closed as we walked in. The downstairs also boasted a large living room/ full of books, board games, and a stone fireplace with hearth. There was a dining table with chairs to sit around and eat/ play with a large bar area to the left with stained glass decor and wine glasses on display. On a rainy or really cold day, this room could easily help while away the time.

We took the two flights of stairs to get to the main level. It opened onto a large game room complete with a fireplace and hearth as well. Besides books and knickknacks, there was a large sofa to one side and a loveseat. A sofa with ottoman to one side of the hearth helped round out the seating. The upstairs living room opened onto a wraparound porch above the entrance to the Lodge. The view from the porch would have been impressive except for the dark, rainy and cold evening. Yet, it was soothing to sit outside and enjoy the cool crisp air listening to the rush of water nearby in the dark.

Back in the living room, we explored the dining room with its table and chairs. Two steps up was the kitchen with a stove, refrigerator, microwave etc. Plates and cups were also available. The stove, however, could not be used for cooking.

We then made our way to the Attwater Room. Situated all the way at the end of the main floor, it has a king size bed and a private bath with a copper sink. Blue tiles lined the bath and the vanity area.

The patio doors gave onto a small patio with a table and chairs and from where we could walk down to the parking lot. We had our one private entrance and didnt have to come through the main door which was nice on a rainy evening.

Having grabbed dinner on our way in, we whiled away our time exploring the home, chatting with other guests and the staff member who came shortly after us to complete the check-in. All in all, a pleasant home away from home.

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