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Splash of color at the Frisco Fresh Market

A couple of weeks ago, Missy JJ and a friend visited the Frisco Fresh Market. Their mission was to meet and interview some of the vendors for a report they were writing. She came home thoroughly impressed with the variety of vendors, their diverse backgrounds, their passion and the general ambiance of the place. So much so that she made us visit the market last weekend.


Entrance to the Frisco Fresh Market

It was a cold Sunday, despite the shining sun, as we made our way. The Frisco Fresh lay cozy and buzzing in an outdoor space featuring about 90 plus vendors, and is located in the heart of Frisco Square, across from Toyota Stadium. It is open on Saturday (8am – 5pm) and Sunday (10am – 4pm). The stalls are displayed under two tall sheds, equipped with heating for winters and cooling fans for summer as well as electricity and water supply for the vendors.

The vendors are mostly local business owners. They own farms, make soaps, fashion candles, sauces, pastries, coffee, jewelry, offer mobile make-up, sell unique clothes, and create the best cookies and salsa and preserves. They are at the market nearly every weekend, throughout the year, since the Market opened last summer. Many feature products here as well as at the Dallas Farmer’s market and some at the Canton one too.

We met a Greek immigrant who owns Yiayia’s Coffee House with his wife. He made me a superb cup of rich, bold coffee while the kids got cold caramel drinks. The home-made baklava that we bought from him was juicy, light and just sweet enough. I can see this coffee-house topping our list of must-visit vendors on future trips.


Can’t go wrong with coffee at Yiayia’s

Then, we stopped by Lake Lavon Specialty Foods, where the owner was sampling and selling jams, jellies, preserves and salsa. After tasting a few varieties, I settled for a spicy Serrano Salsa while Missy JJ insisted we buy the Apple Butter. Indeed, it turned out to be a good buy; the apple butter is not too sweet, yet is tasty and glides smoothly on to the toast. I hope to return to buy more preserves and jellies later this summer.


Smooth as silk apple butter from Lake Lavon Specialty Foods

We stopped briefly to meet the owner of a large tract of land about 40 mins from Frisco. He sells honey (and vegetables), lovingly produced by an octogenarian beekeeper. It has no added sugars and is always sold in glass bottles.


Locally produced, all natural honey

Further on, we came across a tent with some fine jewelry, but the owner wasn’t around, so we didn’t take any photos. Moving on, we came across a soap stall: Sara Alexandra’s Handmade Soaps. The products were organic and smelled heavenly. it took us some time to decide which scents to buy, and we ended up going with charcoal, eucalyptus, and patchouli. The solid shampoo bars and the shower fizzes, we left for another day.


Sara Alexandra’s handmade soaps

We came across several stalls selling vegetables and fruits. But there was one with fresh, brightly colored fruits and vegetables that simply begged to be savored. We tasted fresh berries and dark cherry tomatoes and bought both fruits and veggies.


Sweet tasting grapes at the Market

Across from the vegetable stall was a franchise for vomFASS, a store front and online retailer selling oils, vinegar, spirits and some wines. Meaning “from the barrel” in German, the company allows customers to sample before buying the products. We taste-tested the variety of oils, finally settling on jalapeno extra virgin olive oil and a chili oil made from sunflower oil (that packs a punch!). I have been using them for salads and grilling veggies. I also liked the stylish bottles they came home in, which I can take back to the store for refills.


vomFass oils and vinegars

We did not visit the fresh food stalls on this visit, and I need to make a couple more trips to peruse all the other offerings at the market. I hope to see more fresh fruits and veggies in the weeks to come as the harvest season brings more produce.


Our harvest from the Market

There are plans for an event center / dining and indoor market to open up in 2020. Some of the vendors say they plan to move to the indoor facility once that comes open. In the meantime, the outdoor market provides a break from the mundane warehouse that houses most grocery stores. Its open air, while subject to the natural elements, brings an aura of vitality and freshness. The local vendors add a personal touch to the weekly shopping experience. Whether you have an interest in finding a family brunch spot, a place to restock your fridge and pantry, or simply to taking a break from our hectic lifestyles, I highly recommend checking out the Frisco Fresh Market when you have the chance.

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